March 2023

Artificial Intelligence Devised a promising New Treatment For Balding

Science and technology have a growing impact on our lives, from food and medicine to communication and entertainment. There’s an argument to be made that we have already entered our cyborg era, having enhanced our abilities through computers and the internet. It seems almost inevitable that we’ll eventually make our relationship with technology official by melding …

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U225 Microinjector Gun

The U225 is a meso injector machine equipped with an electro-pneumatic device, a unique feature that provides power, durability, and consistency. As such, the high frequency makes for an almost painless application.   This machine can be used to perform treatments both on the face and body in a consistent and repeatable manner with a …

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How Fast Does Hair Grow

You’ve likely heard that hair grows six inches each year. Experts, however, say this isn’t necessarily true. Why? Because it doesn’t take every hair growth factor into account. Hair can grow faster or slower depending on ethnicity, hair type, genetics, emotional health, and more. One study from the International Journal of Dermatology found that people of Asian …

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