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Miami's Number One Hair Transplant Clinic

Step inside American Mane’s Aventura, FL branch and experience top-of-the-line hair restorations as you’ve never seen before! Our team of experts is comprised of world-renowned, highly trained professionals who use the latest techniques to deliver flawless results at prices that won’t break the bank.


No one else in the United States can compete with our results, prices, and service.

Initially,  our focus was on offering our patients several options to prevent hair loss through non-invasive solutions.


However, with our many years of experience in high-end transplants, we’re thrilled to offer this service to our patients We solve our patients’ problems daily using scientifically developed methods and modern technology. Our clinic is based on a genuine interest in the human body and in delivering the best results with a personal approach adapted to each patient 

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Get blown away by our cutting-edge technology and exceptional staff expertise!

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