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About US

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American Mane opened up its Aventura, FL branch in January 2020.

We opened our clinic to offer high-quality hair restorations at competitive prices. While other clinics will use different techniques and limited staff, American Mane works with a large team that is highly trained at the top facilities both in the US and worldwide. No one else in the United States can compete with our results, prices, and service.

From the beginning, our focus was on offering our patients several different options to prevent hair loss through non-invasive solutions, and now we are glad to offer high-end hair transplants. Every day we solve our patients’ problems using scientifically developed methods and modern technology. Our clinic is based on a genuine interest in the human body and in delivering the best results with a personal approach adapted to each individual patient.

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The latest technology and highly trained staff!

Processed with Lensa with Magic Correction & PT6 filter

Hair restoration has never been so easy and natural.

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