Eyelash Hair Transplants

About this transplant

Eyelash Hair Transplant

While hair transplants are getting more and more popular, innovations are being implemented.


The Eyelash hair transplant procedure is another method used to improve the appearance of your face. Unlike artificial lashes or eyelash extensions, eyelash transplantation is a permanent and safe way to restore living and growing lashes to your eyelid. The procedure simply involves transferring hair from one part of your body to your eyelash area by the FUE hair transplant method.

How it is done?

The FUE method involves extracting small groups of hairs to then be transplanted into areas of your lash. This process increases the chance of graft survival for implantation and improves their ability to regrow successfully. Once extraction is completed, the micro-grafts are then implanted along the desired eyelash line and targeted treatment area for a natural, full appearance. These follicles are placed at a precise angle to mimic the natural flow of your face.

Eyelash transplantation can be used to permanently enhance the length, density, and thickness. Each surgery is expected to do between 60-80 lashes per lid which then needs time to grow


Since we are using the scalp as the donor area, eyelash transplant hair would need some maintenance including curling, trimming, maybe tinting, or even perming–to achieve the ultimate in eyelash beauty. 

Does it Work, though?

We understand the reservations and skepticism you may have about the procedure. However, there’s a lot of scientific proof LLLT is an effective treatment for improving your hair’s fullness and thickness. Specialists can use it as a stand-alone or as part of combination therapy with hair transplants, finasteride, and PRP.

Are you a Suitable Candidate for LLLT?

The only way we can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for LLLT is by having a consultation appointment. During this appointment, our specialist will ask about your expectations and discuss whether they are realistic or not.

Are There Any Risks Associated With LLLT?

As it’s not a new form of treatment, there have been many studies conducted into the procedure. It conforms to both FDA and European standards for safety. It carries no known side effects and is very safe and pain-free.

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