Low-Level Laser Therapy

About Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-Level Laser Hair Restoration

Hair loss affects more than 100 million Americans every year and is a common problem for both men and women. Though there are many hair transplant procedures available, we understand that surgical treatments are not always the best option for our patients. At American Mane Hair Restoration Center, we provide many alternative hair restoration treatments including Low-Level Laser Therapy. 

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for hair loss. 

Low-level laser therapy treatments used controlled amounts of laser energy to improve circulation in the target area which stimulates the cells to heal and improve hair growth at a cellular level making hair regrow thicker and fuller. 


It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with hair transplants and other hair restoration procedures. 


Treatment sessions typically last anywhere from 5-to 10 minutes but will depend on the target area and your condition. You may feel a slight warming sensation but should not experience any significant discomfort. An average treatment plan consists of 6 treatment sessions but will vary depending on your needs and goals.


For more information on low-level laser therapy or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today at (786) 373- 8811.

Does it Work, though?

We understand the reservations and skepticism you may have about the procedure. However, there’s a lot of scientific proof LLLT is an effective treatment for improving your hair’s fullness and thickness. Specialists can use it as a stand-alone or as part of combination therapy with hair transplants, finasteride, and PRP.

Are you a Suitable Candidate for LLLT?

The only way we can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for LLLT is by having a consultation appointment. During this appointment, our specialist will ask about your expectations and discuss whether they are realistic or not.

Are There Any Risks Associated With LLLT?

As it’s not a new form of treatment, there have been many studies conducted into the procedure. It conforms to both FDA and European standards for safety. It carries no known side effects and is very safe and pain-free.

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