Non-Shave Hair Transplant

No-Shave Hair Transplantation

A frequent question our patients ask us is if they must shave their heads for every type of hair transplantation and the answer is–it depends! While it is standard practice to shave the head before hair transplantations it may not always be necessary. At American Mane Hair Restoration Center, we can provide hair transplants without shaving away all your hair.


We offer three options for patients reluctant to shave their hair: shaving only the donor area, partially shaving in small areas, and completely unshaved.

Different Options of Non-Shave Hair Transplants Available

In addition to the standard practice of entirely shaving both the recipient and donor areas of our patient’s head, we also offer three options:
  • Shaving only the donor hair area
  • Partially unshaved, the smallest, inconspicuous area at the back of the head shaved.
  • Completely unshaved
However, if you’re anxious about any shaving, you’ll probably favor one of the last two options. What does each involve? That’s what we are going to discuss.

Partial Shave

Partial shave hair transplants involve only having the area at the back of the head in small lines or squares to minimize the appearance of shaved hair. This method is ideal for patients with long hair as the shaving is only limited to areas that are used for grafts and the longer hair can cover the shaved areas.

Completely Unshaved

Using this method, no hair is shaved or trimmed before the procedure. Instead, the follicular unit is cut individually using a rotary punch with a rounded tip. The punch scores the hair follicle and separates it from the tissue so that it can be safely extracted from the roots. Once cut off, they are implanted using an implanter pen or a Choi pen.


For more information on no-shave hair transplantation options or to schedule a consultation, contact our office at (786) 373- 8811.

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