Why American Mane?

Know The Industry

American Mane created to fill the gap in Hair Restoration in USA. While around the world countries as Brazil Colombia and Turkey leading the hair restoration industry USA stayed behind because mixed regulation, expensive machines, doctors and technicians with poor education and mis leading advertising.

The Team

While in USA most of the doctors hiring technichents only when they have operations we are in american mane have our own trained team that work together and has his own method and work flow. Our team only do hair restorations and ONLY work for American Mane. Meet the team

High Density

We don’t care about numbers! We care about results! We will take in one operation the maximum grafts that we can haverst from your donor area. Why they do low grafts amounts in America? Because no one will pay thousands of dollars for 3,000-4,000 grafts!


While most of the clinics waiting for you to come for “free consultation” they are planning to negotiate with you about the price. Usually can be between 3$-10$ per graft. In American Mane we have fixed price for one operation!


We are not looking for shortcuts! Your hair is who you are and we won’t give machines to take care of you. All our work is by hand! From punching the grafts out to make the incisions to transplant the grafts. Hair Transplant its art and we are artists
Why us?

The Difference

Perhaps, the most obvious difference is that one is a surgical solution and the other is non-surgical.

First of all, we should be aware that any kind of surgery has risks. Hair restorations are no exception. Aside from bleeding and infection, there will be scars and unnatural growth of new hair. Due to infection, the patient may also suffer loss or even sudden loss of the newly restored hair (known as shock loss), but new hair  will  regrow  over time.

Secondly, when the operation is over, the appearance of the entire scalp is very unsightly and bloody. People are faced with a long recovery period of about six months or more whilst the new hair grows. A hair restoration, therefore, is not an immediate solution.

Furthermore, the result and final look of a hair restoration is uncontrollable. There is no way to give the patient a ‘simulation test’. They must wait until the end of the process to see the result. The success of a hair restoration, to a large extent, depends on the quality of the donor hair. If the hair is of poor quality, it may never reach the desired appearance. And as we all know,the cost of hair restoration surgery is very expensive and some people may not be able to afford such a high cost at one time.

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