Why Choose American Mane for Hair Restoration In Miami?

Looking for a reliable hair transplant clinic in Miami can be quite overwhelming, given the numerous options available. However, American Mane stands out as a top choice for individuals seeking personalized, effective, and affordable hair restoration solutions.

We Know The Hair Restoration Industry

American Mane was created to fill the gap in Hair Restoration in the USA. While around the world, countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Turkey lead the hair restoration industry, the USA stayed behind because of mixed regulations, expensive machines, doctors, and misleading advertising.

Highly Trained Medical Team

Here at American Mane in Miami, Florida, we have our personal trained medical team that works together and utilizes their own method and workflow. Our team only works on hair restoration and ONLY works for American Mane.

High Density Results

We don’t care about numbers! We care about results! We will extract as many hair grafts as possible from the donor area. Why do other medical centers only do low graft amounts in America? Because no one will pay thousands of dollars for 3,000-4,000 grafts!

Competitive Pricing

While most of the clinics offer a “free consultation,” they are really just planning to negotiate the price with you. Typical quotes can range between 3$-10$ per graft. At American Mane, we have a fixed price for one operation!

Top of Line Technology

We are not looking for shortcuts! Your hair is who you are, and we won’t have robots working on your procedure. All our work is by hand! From punching the grafts out to making the incisions to transplant the grafts. Hair transplants in Miami are art, and we are artists.
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