FUE Mega Session In Miami, Florida

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Everything You Need To Know About FUE Mega Session

Have you noticed severe hair loss in specific areas of your head? If you are considering hair transplantation for severe hair loss in Aventura, you may be concerned about the possibility of undergoing multiple procedures. At American Mane Hair Restoration Center, we provide FUE Mega Session, where 5000 grafts of hairs can be transplanted within a single day if necessary. We make it easier than ever to get the looks you desire in half the time.

What is a FUE Mega Session?

A FUE Mega Session in Miami involves transplanting 4500-5000 FUE grafts or follicle units using the FUE hair transplant method.


During this procedure, a team of 5-6 highly trained professionals assists in extracting and implanting hundreds of grafts in one session. This enables you to achieve natural-looking results from dense packing, also known as high-density implants, where multiple grafts are placed into a tiny area to make your hair appear thicker and dense.


For more information on FUE Mega Sessions in Miami or to schedule a consultation, contact our office at (305) 727-4247.

Important Considerations Regarding FUE Mega Sessions

Aside from the number of grafts, another consideration to be factored in is dense packing. Another frequently used term in the hair transplant industry refers to the ability a clinic, like American Mane, has to transplant with many follicular units for every square centimeter of your scalp. That means placing lots of grafts in a tiny area to recreate a very natural, thick, and dense look.

Why is this important to note? When choosing a clinic, you need to ensure they’re not going to place too many grafts into one area. There needs balance because implanting 2,500 hair grafts across a wide area will not create a desirable look. Those 2,500 or more need to be densely packed into crucial areas of the head.
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Does it Hurt?

With any form of cosmetic or surgical procedure, whether it is invasive, non-invasive, or minimally-invasive, a concern you may have is how much it may hurt. Thanks to the use of a local anesthetic, the procedure only causes a minimal amount of pain.

Is FUE Hair Transplant the Right Treatment for You?

You may be wondering if FUE really is the right form of hair transplant for you. You may also be wondering if you are a suitable candidate. Whether you are a good candidate, the main identifier is having healthy hair grow your head’s sides and back of head. The hair grafts required for this procedure come from there. Other aspects that determine whether you are a good candidate include its color, texture, and whether it is naturally curly or wavy.

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