Stick and Place Implantation
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About stick and place

What Is The Stick and Place Method?

The “Stick and Place” (S&P) method of implantation involves incising and promptly grafting. This technique allows for smaller, less invasive blades.

Using local anesthesia, skilled incisions are made to graft without scarring. The skin shrinks promptly after openings. Additionally, a specialized blade dilates the incision, adjusts the graft’s height, and stops bleeding.

The “stick and place” technique eliminates the need for larger openings as grafts are placed simultaneously, preventing unnecessary skin shrinkage.

stick and place
Stick and place

What Are The Benefits And Disadvantages Of The Stick And Place Technique?

Benefits of the Stick and Place Technique:


– Achieves more natural results.
– Improves blood supply to nearby existing hair follicles.
– Ensures no risk of unfilled openings.
– Reduces bleeding.
– Minimizes follicular and vascular trauma.
– Prevents the placement of two grafts in the same hole.
– Helps avoid errors in planning.
– Facilitates easier distribution and direction of grafts.
– Allows for adjustment of incision size.
– Provides a longhair preview.
– Enhances graft quality.


Disadvantages of the Stick and Place Technique:

– Limited to a maximum of 2,000 grafts per session.
– Not suitable for individuals requiring 7,000-8,000 grafts (equivalent to 2 FUE sessions).
– Requires a large team of technicians.

Does it Work, though?

We understand your reservations and skepticism about the procedure. However, there is ample scientific proof that LLLT is effective in enhancing hair fullness and thickness. Specialists can utilize it independently or in combination with hair transplants, finasteride, and PRP.

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Are you a Suitable Candidate for LLLT?

The only way we can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for LLLT is by having a consultation appointment. During this appointment, our specialist will ask about your expectations and discuss whether they are realistic or not.

Are There Any Risks Associated With LLLT?

As it’s not a new form of treatment, there have been many studies conducted into the procedure. It conforms to both FDA and European standards for safety. It carries no known side effects and is very safe and pain-free.

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