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Mesotherapy for Hair

Mesotherapy for hair involves injecting minerals, amino acids, and vitamins into the scalp to stimulate natural regenerative processes. This treatment nourishes hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy targets various systems, including the epidermis, dermal connective tissue, immune system, neurosensory system, and blood circulation. It effectively thickens thin hair, prevents hair loss, and improves hair strength and shine.

It is especially beneficial for individuals with a genetic predisposition to hair loss and can be used as a preventive treatment.

What Does Mesotherapy Cost In Miami?

Mesotherapy costs may vary per package. At American Mane, we offer various packages for mesotherapy ranging from 4-12 sessions, which can be applied every two weeks.

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How it works

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Work, And What Are The Benefits?

To achieve optimal results, doctors advise undergoing 6 to 8 sessions of mesotherapy. The treatment consists of an initial series of 4 sessions spaced two weeks apart, followed by a monthly maintenance session. Each session lasts approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

The injections offer several benefits, including scalp hydration and nourishment, noticeable reduction in hair shedding, promotion of a healthy hair growth cycle, and improved hair texture and fullness.

Individual results may vary, but noticeable changes typically occur within 2 to 3 months. Combining mesotherapy with PRP sessions can enhance the outcomes.

WHy Choose us

Why do Clients Continually Choose American Mane Transplant Miami?

Large Experienced Team

We have a large team of up to six people working together to extract the maximum amount of follicles possible during the procedure.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is very competitive as we do not charge per graft like other clinics.

Healthy Hair Restoration

We utilize a small punch diameter, which supports the donor site healthier.

Sapphire Blades

We use sapphire blades during the procedure to achieve a higher density of grafts.

Success Stories

Read the success stories our past patients have had at American Mane.

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Interested In Mesotherapy?

Contact American Mane for a consultation appointment today. We have a team of warm, professional, and very friendly customer service agents who will answer your questions. Additionally, we can provide quotes on the spot for the work you need and help you book your appointment.