Robotic Hair Transplant In Miami?

What Is ARTAS Hair Transplant?

Breaking Down Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure that uses AI or artificial intelligence technology. It delivers natural-looking results without leaving a linear scar typically associated with traditional hair transplantation. While we do not offer robotic hair transplants at American Mane, our patients should know all their options for hair restoration, even if that means seeking other hair clinics.


ARTAS®  is a specially designed robotic system that can perform FUE hair transplants instead of a surgeon. However, your doctor is still present during the procedure and supervises the process to ensure optimal results.

What Happens Before An ARTAS Hair Transplant Process?

Prior to your procedure, your hair is trimmed so the machine can quickly identify and extract your follicles. Anesthesia is applied for patient comfort. Patients may experience minor discomfort and swelling post-procedure, which should subside within a few days.


ARTAS® uses state-of-the-art imaging guidance software to analyze and extract the best grafts from your donor area using dermal punches. Then the system identifies the best areas for implantation to ensure you receive thick and seamless natural-looking results. Once the ARTAS® hair transplant reviews and determines the best area for implantation, your doctor begins the implantation process.

Is Robotic Hair Restoration Right For You?

The ARTAS® robotic hair restoration procedure offers digitally advanced mapping technology, resulting in remarkably thicker and natural-looking hair regrowth – often surpassing those results achieved by humans. The best part? The procedure is minimally invasive, with individual hair follicles being harvested without the use of a scalpel, leaving no visible scars.


Though, it’s worth noting that this technology is still relatively young and may not be suitable for all hair types. It’s important to consult with a specialist prior to considering this procedure.


For more information on alternative hair transplant services or a consultation, contact our office today at (305) 727- 4247.

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