Injectable Platelet-rich fibrin
(iPRF) In Miami

About iPRF

What Is Platelet-rich Fibrin?

Injectable platelet-rich fibrin (iPRF) is a non-surgical solution for hair thinning or loss, utilizing the patient’s own blood plasma enriched with platelets, fibrin, and stem cells. It enhances hair follicle growth, promotes healing, and accelerates tissue regeneration.

Injectable platelet-rich Fibrin (iPRF)
platelet-rich fibrin

What's The Difference Between PRP vs PRF?

PRP and PRF treatments in Miami share similarities. Both utilize platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) as growth treatments extracted with a centrifuge. However, PRF differs as it doesn’t use an anticoagulant during blood processing. In PRP, collected blood is placed in test tubes with acid citrate dextrose (ACD) as an anticoagulant to prevent rapid clotting.

Does it Work, though?

We acknowledge your reservations and scepticism regarding the procedure. Nevertheless, there is substantial scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in enhancing hair fullness and thickness. Specialists can employ LLLT as a standalone treatment or combine it with other therapies such as hair transplants, finasteride, and PRP.

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy In Miami
low light laser therapy

Are you a Suitable Candidate for LLLT?

Due to its established status, numerous studies have been conducted on the procedure. It meets safety standards set by both the FDA and European authorities. Moreover, it has no known side effects and is considered extremely safe and pain-free.

Are There Any Risks Associated With LLLT?

The procedure has undergone extensive studies as it is not a new treatment. It adheres to both FDA and European safety standards. It has no known side effects and is considered very safe and pain-free.

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